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Caregivers Caring For Alzheimer’s

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is a difficult task despite how essential it is to the person’s well-being. While scheduling regular visits with a physician is a critical component of the individual’s comfort and safety, arranging for an in-home caregiver is equally important.

Caregivers Company provides a wide selection of services for in-home care of Alzheimer’s patients, making it possible for them to remain in their homes as long as possible. A Brief Look atAlzheimer’s Disease An insidious disease that disrupts an individual’s enjoyment of life on many different levels, Alzheimer’s disease is a condition that affects everyone in the family. The toll it takes not only on the patient but also on every family member and close friend is incredibly damaging. If family members choose to take the task of caring for the Alzheimer’s patient on their own rather than institutionalizing this person, they are going to need the kind of help and support that employees of Caregivers Company can provide. Why Choose Our Alzheimer’s Services?

Caregivers Clients & Needs

Our clients can trust in our services at all times because we are reliable, competent, compassionate, and thorough in everything that we do. Understanding the client’s lifestyle and personality is as important to us as it is to assess each individual’s needs. Therefore, we always take the time to get to know our patients as we create a strategic plan designed to assist our clients in feeling comfortable and safe in their own homes, while also striving to promote their quality of life in as many ways as possible. We create a specialized plan that is individualized according to your loved one’s needs, combining food choices, medicine, exercise, and verbal communication to deliver a program designed to provide comfort and peace of mind, while enhancing the individual’s quality of life.

Our Founder’s Personal Connection with Alzheimer’s Disease Sinelia, the founder of Caregivers Company, fully understands the concerns and frustrations of family members who must deal with this terrible disease. Having experienced it first hand through her great grandmother’s struggle in dealing with the physical and mental changes this condition creates, Sinelia took on the challenge of helping other families in the same situation. As a result, she began this company in hopes of making the transition easier for individuals finding themselves struggling with the same type of issues. Individualized Alzheimer’s Care A wide range of services is available for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, helping them to remain in their own homes safely and comfortably. Each individual can schedule specific types of care, according to their particular needs.

Caregivers Experience Duty

Our compassionate staff members are qualified to provide each of the following:  Brain exercises that target the memory  Assistance with supervision  Assistance with recreational activities and visiting  Specialized food preparation that helps to maintain a healthy brain as well as assistance with eating meals  Medication reminders  Light housework  Grocery shopping  Companionship and socialization  Assistance with language-related issues  Bathing assistance  Dressing and personal hygiene assistance  Exercising  Toileting help If your loved one is currently struggling with the changes brought about by Alzheimer’s disease, please contact us. You do not have to go through this phase of life alone. call us for help or email us